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  • Music LessonsMusic Lessons 10% off lessons for new sign-ups for the 1st month. You probably already know that the benefits of music education in a child’s education have well been established in their link to higher math scores and critical thinking. Join Tustin Music educate the world with every note.
  • RentingRenting from Us Why renting is better than purchasing? Read our article below with our 4 reasons
  • Group LessonsGroup Lessons We offer group music foundation courses for children of ages 18 months to 10 years old. All the curriculums are developmentally appropriate for each age group. Our tender and loving teachers will help your children discover the magic of music!

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The Tustin Music Center is an educational facility that offers the best music lessons in the greater Tustin area and is directed by a highly recognized music professor. We offer private and group music lessons for adults, teens, kids, and young children starting from 18 months of age. Our programs offer music lessons, classes, group activity, and special program from all orchestra instruments to woodwind, brass, and band instruments as well as Music Explorers, Disneyland Musicals, and Harmony Road.

We have many highly educated and experienced teachers who are devoted to music education and are staying with us mostly over 5 - 12 years. Tustin Music Center predominantly serves the communities of Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Orange, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and Mission Viejo.


Tustin Music Center is an Education Facility

Tustin Music Center, established in 1998, focuses on music education with the mission in mind “your success is our goal.”  We strive to make best music education for your childrenwhich can enhance life-skills such as discipline, communication, evaluation, and performance, as well as creating their safe places inside and out...


How Tustin Music Center is different from other music schools

The vision of Tustin Music is music education. Unlike other music studios arranged in retail store setting, the ambience of our studio provides the sense of learning in a safe facility...


Learn the 7 top things that help taking music lessons

1. The benefits of music for children go beyond the sound itself. You have likely arrived at reading this article in your pursuit for music lessons. Regardless on whether you choose to study at the Tustin Music Center or not, you have made a very good decision in pursuing a musical education for your child...


4 Reasons to Consider renting before purchasing

1) Changing their mind. Kids love music but not necessarily every instrument. Like a talent search, finding the right instrument for your child may take time. Especially if your child is a beginner, it’s more productive and economic to rent than buy. Your child will be motivated to practice on her/his own when he/she finds the right instrument...




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